Grouping brushes

It's time-saving to use the "func_group" function in GTK Radiant.

Example: Imagine you are building a hall with pillars consisting of many brushes. When moving these pillars you could select all the brushes manually and then move the pillar, over and over again for each pillar. When using func_group in GTK Radiant you only need to select one of the pillar's brushes and press a combination of keys to select all the brushes in the func_group entity.

  1. First you select all the brushes of the pad you want to group.

    selecting brushes
  2. Then you right mouse button click in any of the 2D views and select "func\func_group".

    select func_group
  3. Deselect by pressing Esc. The lines of the pad on the grid are now in blue.

    press escape
  4. Select a brush from the func_group you just made.

    select grouped brush
  5. To select all brushes press Ctrl+Alt+e (for GTK Radiant 1.5) or Ctrl+Alt+left mouse button click (for GTK Radiant 1.4).

    all brushes are selected

Now you can move all the brushes without the need to click more than one brush.

  • When copying a group with Ctrl+c and pasting with Ctrl+v the copy is a new group. copy with crtl+c
  • When pressing Space, the copy will instead be part of the copied group. Notice the text "func_group" hovering between the two pads. copy with space
  • You can only group brushes, not entities.
  • This entity is ignored at compile time and at run time.
Note: The quake engine and the compiler ignore any func_group. It is an entity for the editor only.

Example map:

Written by 0utf0x