Playing around with lights

As you know lights aren't always white. They also have colours like orange, blue etc. This is what I want to teach you in this small tutorial. So first of all load the map of the last tutorial and select one of the two lights (shift+left mouse button click on one of the lights):

(Image selected light)

Now press k to open the "Choose Color" window:

(Image choose color)

After that play around with the color settings, first by clicking on the circle, then on the triangle. I will convert it into an orange light:

(Image orange)

When you have chosen your color for the light click on the "OK" button and the light should have the color you've just selected:

(Image orange light)

The last step you have to do is to compile the map. If you put lights into your map you have to compile with the parameter -light. If you use -light -fast they will be presented brighter than they are. But -light needs longer to compile. So that's why you should use the second parameter to test the lights. That's all! Wasn't very hard, was it?

Here you can get the maps for this tutorial (place it into baseq3/maps):

Written by Bliccer